Principal Engineer (iOS)

We are hiring a Principal Engineer (iOS) to build our iPhone app and help school our AI team on best practices for consumer applications. You will work closely with our product design, backend engineering & AI teams to make an app that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on modern smartphone GPUs & hardware. This is a very senior role.

This is a **remote** position open to candidates located within a 2 hour flight from the Bay Area. In lieu of an office, we host monthly “on-sites” at travel destinations like Lake Tahoe & Laguna Beach.

Job Responsibilities
– Build highly secure, world-class iOS app from scratch using Swift
– Integrate AI models running CoreML
– Run realtime inference neural network on iOS
– Test app across variety of devices
– Listen to users & contribute product ideas
– Work closely with product design, backend engineers, AI team
– Teach social app best practices to team

– Deep experience building realtime, low-latency iOS apps
– Deep experience building consumer apps & strong understanding of best practices
– Real empathy for users, strong product sensibilities & good taste
– Intellectual curiosity & fearlessness
– Portfolio of products you’ve built
– Experience writing in Swift

Nice to Haves
– Founder/CTO of a social network or app
– Experience with hardware-accelerated graphics
– 7+ years professional engineering experience
– Experience with CoreML

You will be one of the first 5 engineers at Transform. You will work directly with the founders and contribute both ideas and code. You will be asked to weigh in on engineering, product & business decisions. As the company succeeds, you will hopefully grow into a leadership role & potentially run an entire team.

– Cash: $130 – 180k
– Equity: 1.5 – 3%
– Unlimited vacation, minimum 2 weeks per year
– Full health & dental insurance

Transform is backed by some of the most famous investors in Silicon Valley. Our founder/CEO is a successful 4x entrepreneur & single dad who got his start as a 911 paramedic in NYC (who happens to be latino).

The #1 trait we look for in candidates is “intellectual fearlessness.” People who attempt to do things that their resume says they’re unqualified to do, things that would would scare normal people in their position. People who punch above their intellectual weight class.

We don’t care where you went to school or what you studied (or didn’t study). We don’t care if you have a PhD from MIT or you dropped out of high school. The only things we will judge is your attitude and your ability to do the work.

This isn’t out first rodeo as startup founders. We’ve set out to create a very intentional, high-performance company culture. We try to practice good self-care and encourage employees to do the same.

Expect high standards, hard work and minimal stupidity.

Diversity & inclusion (gender, age, class, politics, ethnicity) isn’t just a nice thing we talk about. Due to the product we’re building, it’s a strategic priority. Women & ethnic minorities especially welcome.